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Brand Design and Illustration

Emmanuelle Iroakazi is committed to collaborating with clients to create visually compelling brands. The ultimate goal is to perfect and finalise each design element by sharing concepts throughout the process and receiving feedback.



Emmanuelle Iroakazi is a London-based freelance business with expertise in brand identity, packaging, social media strategy and illustration.

Design Process

Step 1:


What is your idea? We learn about your company and design intentions using various brainstorming techniques, including your questionnaire.

Step 2:

Creative Direction

Now that we know your concept, we can assemble references and inspiration to present your creative direction in an art direction presentation.

Step 3:


It's time to get started! Using the creative direction, we can now design complete, ranging from logo suites, packaging patterns, colour pallets, etc., all presented in a presentation.

Stage 4:

Refine Time

In our refine time, we offer unlimited modifications as we know a great design is with full collaboration with the client. With branding complete, we can focus on social media assets and printable deliverable

Stage 5:

Launch Day

The brand design process is almost complete. Now with an updated brand identity, you will easily access the preset files and be given a detailed brand outline document that will guide you through a seamless transition into using your unique new brand identity.

Purposeful Designs

See Your Vision Come To Life!

Unlike many design studios, we explore styles and techniques you want. You are a part of this design process, and we will make your vision come true!


Emmanuelle here, a graphic designer and illustrator! The arts have always been an integral part of my life, and I always use my creative background as a launching pad for all my endeavors.

While I study Media Communications BA at the London College of Communications, all of my branding and logo design skills were self-taught!


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